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Slow Postpartum

"Slow Postpartum" (coined by JoJo Hagen), is rooted in the the slow living movement. My life is also rooted in this philosophy and it is what I offer to every family I work with. 

A 'Slow Postpartum' encourages us to honor and respect the potent and transformational weeks after giving birth, by allowing a new mother or birthing parent time and space to rest deeply, restore, heal and rejuvenate.

It’s about embracing centuries-old postpartum rituals that focus on caring for a new mother in order to give her the time and space that she needs and desires to bond, nurture and fall in love with her new baby.

To do a ‘Slow Postpartum’ is to resist societal pressure to ‘bounce back’ immediately after giving birth, but instead to see the value of ‘snuggling in’ for a period of time in order to prioritise falling deeply in love, healing and recovery. This will have lifelong benefits, not only for the new mother but also for her children, family and society at large.

All around the world people are seeing the benefits in their lives from intentionally taking the time to slow down and live more mindfully.

-The Art of Slow Postpartum

I believe that there is no more important time to practice this than the first few weeks with a new baby.

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